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The Lost Ways Review
 All about Book “The Lost Ways”

The book “The Lost Ways” is a collection of great knowledge and techniques of surviving through the calamity situations. The disasters may be natural like earthquake, cyclone, or floods etc. or even man-made such as wars etc. The book is written by a famous author Claude Davis who wanted to give an overview of the importance of the skills to know regarding the survival in the crises situations. Most of the survival techniques presented in the book are based on the methods used by our ancestors years ago during situations of calamity. The survival techniques are covering each aspect of life i.e. shelter, food, dressing, and water along with other necessities.
Our Ancestors didn’t have the Leisure we have

It is a matter of common sense that the leisure we have was not seen by our ancestors. For instance, during the time of our ancestors, they didn’t have electricity, internet, electronic gadgets, internet, computers, and television etc. They were not having the amenities such as Walmart, subways, and super markets etc. But still they managed to survive such situations along with the situations of calamities.

Teachings of Claude Davis

When conducting the lost ways review, you will come across numerous thing that Claude Davis want to unearth. The writer is after unearthing the long-forgotten enigmas that have been helping out ancestors to live and survive in the crises situations. The crises are of different types such as economic failure, droughts, wars, famines, droughts, and wars etc. In each such situation out ancestors were well-equipped with knowledge and knew techniques to cope with these situations to escape death. The writer want to teach that the old techniques are still valuable as those can be incorporated for adjustment in the catastrophes in the modern era.

Top Things to Learn from the Book

The book is discussing instances of different people who have done different things to survive crises situations and get through it. The following are the top things which we can learn from the book so that we may implement them in the situations of calamities.
The instance of Patrick Shelley is encouraging us to have survival in the woods for years. The instance is also encouraging for the making of traps which are foolproof. The traps for different animals have been discussed such as making a trap for the muskrat and beaver. The survival story of a big family who have to meet their ends by killing a single deer.

The instance of Shannon is encouraging how to sail in water for long period of time without having amenities. Different techniques and methods of cleaning and preserving water have been discussed to feed the family and yourself.

From the instance of Mike Searson is encouraging you to survive when you are not having ammo? The instance is describing the hunting of 8 deer with mere 6 bullets left. These are the techniques which would never let you end your ammo but you can have the ammo for other purposes as well.

The instance of Susan Morrow is giving an overview of having the art of poultice. Susan Morrow was a well-known science and chemistry teacher who was known for his knowledge in the survival techniques of making dressing or poultice. By these lessons we can learn the techniques which have been incorporated by our fore father for making poultices. When you will learn these techniques, you would be amazed that these methods have a resemblance to the recent techniques at most and are best to be implemented in the current era as well.

The instance of Lex Rooker is depicting the making of food which is made from readily available ingredients and are better than that of Walmart. The food is both nutritious and delicious. Such food has been made by the American scouts for a long time when they were set out on exploration. The food is light, protein rich, full of vitamins and carbohydrates, compact, and easy to digest as well.

Comments of Experts on the Book

The book has been reviewed by numerous experts and each of them have given their opinions on the book. The book has been accessed to be a rich source of techniques which are best suited when you are on the verge of catastrophe. Most of the reviews of the book are in the favor of the writer and have declared the book as a rich source of information. Numerous reviewers have declared the book as the best to learn techniques for getting adjusted in the calamity situations. However, some of the reviewers have criticized the books and the techniques presented in the book were declared as outdated.

Without having any doubts in minds, the book is having a massive bulk of knowledge that a common man will not be able to get from anywhere else. The book has been rated by most of the reviewers 10 on 10. This book is also considered to be in the top three books based on the survival techniques and escaping catastrophe situations. The book is not that easy to be reviewed as it has numerous crest and troughs as well as the book is explained in a tricky way. The book has been mentioning instances of different people to know about the different skills to survive through crises situations. The book is known to be the top survival book of the year 2016 and the knowledge presented in the book has worth to be bought at high price.

The book is not very easy to read as the language used is very professional. The book is considered to be the well of knowledge and skills and you would require abundant practice if you have a desire to implement it in your daily life. However, it is for sure that you will be escaping the crises situations if you will get to know these survival skills along with knowing the implementation of these skills. The book is highly recommended to be bought for knowing the skills of survival that our fore fathers were having to escape the catastrophes and calamities.